Piter Noufi Ltd

About the Company

Piter Noufi Ltd. operates in the quarry sector and is an importer and marketer of sand and gravel under an import agreement, holding an exclusive franchise from Jordan.
The company provides raw materials of the highest quality for the construction and infrastructure sector in the State of Israel and is uncompromisingly committed to product quality, customer satisfaction and maintaining its reputation.
Among the company’s clients are the major construction companies in the Israeli economy.
The company is owned and managed by Piter Noufi, the youngest son of Sami Noufi,
a well-known figure in the real estate industry.

The right conjunction of quality, credibility and service

From the import phase via storage up to the stage when the sand and gravel are delivered to the company’s customers, the company operates a uniform supply chain consisting of truck crews and professional drivers, alongside readily available storage facilities affording the company’s customers a significant advantage, reflected in continuous 24/7 delivery capabilities.

At the spearhead of the company a professional team operates with extensive knowledge and experience accompanying the company’s customers and enabling it to provide an uncompromising level of service
leading to its success.

Product Standard Policy

The company’s products meet all the strictest Israeli and European standards. Every step in the process of supplying the goods is controlled and supported by regular laboratory tests and by means of an advanced computer system allowing monitoring and management in real time.

Piter Noufi Ltd.

Pledges above all to offer its customers credibility, transparency and provision of
the very best product efficiently, promptly and professionally.
The company is proud to accompany leading organizations in the real estate, construction and infrastructure industry as our partners in successful achievement.

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