Company products:

Sand and gravel are essential materials for the modern building industry, used as a principal ingredient
in manufacturing various construction products.
Piter Noufi Ltd. provides its customers with high-quality and durable raw materials for all branches
of Israel’s construction sector.
The raw materials are produced under strict quality control and meet both Israeli and European standards.

Stone for Construction

A natural granite-type stone, high-quality and strong, with a size in the range of 10-60 cm.
The stone has a variety of uses in the construction industry, such as –
Exterior and interior cladding of walls of public/private structures, kitchen work counters, breakwaters, reinforcement of underground soil strata and so forth.
Important – the use of natural stone is environmentally friendly, non-polluting, economical and efficient.


particle size – 0-3 mm.
Sand is used as a central element for preparing mixtures in the concrete, mortar, glass, block and plaster production industry.
Sand is also used in a wide variety of areas such as the infrastructure sector, covering of underground pumps at refueling stations, soccer fields, kindergartens etc.


Gravel stones with the smallest particle size – 4-9.5 mm. Fine gravel is used for filling and leveling below the flooring of structures. It is an effective solution for drainage problems under outdoor flooring surfaces, not absorbing moisture on account of its low specific gravity and providing good acoustic insulation in residential structures. In addition, fine gravel is used as an ingredient in mixes for the concrete industry and for a variety of other purposes in the construction sector such as a substrate for gardens, beaches and public spaces. Important – the use of fine gravel is environmentally friendly, non-polluting and does not harm the coral reef.


High-quality crushed and resilient gravel to be topped with natural granite-type stone. Particle size: 19-25 mm. Used for the structural concrete and asphalt industries, also contributes to efficient drainage.


Gravel originating from a natural stone of the granite type with a particle size varying between 9.5-19 mm. Used for a variety of purposes in the construction industries – mainly in the concrete and asphalt manufacturing sector; granite-type medium gravel does not absorb water and is therefore used to form an optimal drainage infrastructure, also for laying asphalt carriageways, paved roads and sidewalks. It is also suitable for use as a substrate for gardens and public spaces
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