Piter Noufi Ltd. operates in the quarry sector and is an importer and marketer of sand and gravel in bulk under an import agreement, holding an exclusive franchise from Jordan.

The company provides raw materials of the highest quality for the construction and infrastructure sector in the State of Israel and is uncompromisingly committed to product quality,
customer satisfaction and maintaining its reputation.
Among the company’s clients are the major construction companies in the Israeli economy.

A wide variety of raw materials

The company’s products – sand, building stone, fine (“Sumsum”), medium (“Adash”), coarse (“Folia”) gravel etc. These materials are produced at innovative technological facilities, with an emphasis on continuous development and improvement to provide a speedy and accurate response in any volume and at any time to the changing needs and demands of the company’s customers.

פיטר נופי-אבן
פיטר נופי-עדש
פיטר נופי-חול
פיטר נופי-סומסום
פיטר נופי-פוליה

The Strictest Quality Standards and Standard Marks


Piter Noufi Ltd.’s unique raw materials meet the strictest standards set under both the Israeli and European standardization policies, ensuring that the company’s materials are of the highest quality.
Strength, quality and Precision/accuracy make the company’s raw materials the best in the field and provide its customers with high added value in Israel’s construction industry. 

Guiding Principles

Piter Noufi Ltd. makes every effort to provide its customers with the highest level of service and quality placing emphasis on the quality of the environment.
The company has set its sights at achieving constant excellence, taking part in production and encouraging competition by ceaseless activity, working towards the building of the Land of Israel and lowering the cost of living.

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